Jun 12, 2008

StatSVN 0.4.0

A new version of StatSVN has been released. See changes.
Download StatSvn 0.4.0.

New Features:

o Added support for an XML export of the main reports, just use option -xml,
based on patched proposed by Nilendra Weerasinghe. Thanks to Nilendra
o Applied patch for [ 1639462 ] Added TRAC Support. Fixes 1639462. Thanks to
Jean-Francois Burdet.
o Applied patch to StatCVS to show the Head Revision (had to change it to
hide it for CVS as it does not make sense for CVS). Fixes 1932689. Thanks
to Martin Majlis.
o Performance enhancement. If SVN 1.4 is available, do one diff per revision
instead of one diff per file per revision. Added -force-legacy-diff option
to retain previous functionality.
o Applied patch to StatCVS to add Affected files count per commit. Thanks to
Martin Majlis.
o Applied patch to StatCVS to add Revision number on commit page. Fixes
1839303. Thanks to Martin Majlis.
o I have added a validation mechanism that checks the Repository object once
the log is parsed, if root is null, it will terminate the execution.
o I have added a small project attribute which makes it more obvious which
cache belongs to what project in the repositories.xml and xml cache files.
Fixes 1687928.
o Added support for tags-dir as a way to specify 'top' directory where the
tags are stored, defaulted to "/tags/". Fixes 1692245.
o Added support for a '-anonymize' command line option, to anonymize
committer names. Fixes 1743119.

Fixed bugs:

o Changed RSS to use the common one:


o The RepoMap and LOCChurn reports have been promoted to StatCVS and hence,
removed from the StatSVN source tree.