Jul 22, 2009

How to merge two independent git repositories

I have two independent repositories (A and B) and would like to merge one repo. (B) into another one (A) with keeping the whole history of both. What do to?
With git it appeared to be a very easy task.

cd A
git remote add test ../B && git fetch test
git merge test/master
git push (if you use a remote repo.)

That's it.

You can also merge a subdir of one repo. into another. But to do so you need to use git filter-branch.

I love git! ;)

Jul 1, 2009

iPhone SDK 3.1 beta and iPhone OS 3.1 beta

Well, Apple seeded an iPhone SDK and OS v3.1 beta.
iPhone SDK 3.1 beta and iPhone OS 3.1 beta are now posted to the iPhone Dev Center. These versions are for development and testing only and should be installed on devices dedicated to iPhone OS 3.1 beta software development.

In terms of API there are a number of new methods added to AudioToolbox, OpenGLES, QuartzCore and UIKit (UIImagePickerController and UIVideoEditorController were updated).

Release Notes:

Known Issues and Fixes

Xcode/Developer Tools

  • Xcode only searches for codesigning certificate identities in the default keychain as selected in Keychain Access.

  • You may only use .png files for application icons for the device.

  • The iPhone SDK is designed for Intel-based Macs and is not supported on PPC-based Macs.

  • Xcode and the iPhone SDK only work in 32-bit mode; 64-bit mode is not supported.

  • When running and debugging on a device, be sure to turn off Passcode lock.

  • Trying to debug two applications at the same time on the same device fails with a broken pipe error in the debugger console.

Interface Builder

  • FIXED: If you use Interface Builder's UITabBarController inspector to add a UINavigationController to a tab bar controller, the navigation controller will be set up to show its toolbar. The toolbar won't be visible in Interface Builder, but will be visible at runtime, which is surprising. The workaround is to select the UINavigationController and uncheck "Shows Toolbar" in the inspector.

  • In some upgrade scenarios from beta SDK releases, Interface Builder may be left with duplicate files, which causes errors such as: "Two plug-ins both integrate a class description for the class X." Removing /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/Library/Interface\ Builder and re-installing corrects the issue.


  • Image thumbnails are not displayed when ABPersonSetImageData() is called before [ABPersonViewController setDisplayedPerson:].


  • The Message UI framework exports class names without prefixes, which can cause namespace confusion. If you are using the Message UI framework, watch for compiler warnings about duplicate symbols. To avoid namespace issues, you can add prefixes to your own class names.

iPhone Simulator

  • iPhone Simulator does not support network home directories.


  • You have to specify the image extension to -imageNamed: to get results.


  • UILabel ignores its contentMode property.


  • UIPasteBoardNameFind is not populated automatically, nor is the value in the pasteboard used when displaying a search field.


  • After zooming, content inset is ignored and content is left in the wrong position.

  • UIScrollView can be confused by overlapping touches in separate subviews.


  • UILineBreakModeTruncateHead and UILineBreakModeMiddleTruncation do not work properly for multiline text.


  • FIXED:UITableView can generate an exception when the data model changes during animation.

  • UITableView no longer ignores separatorColor. separatorStyle is still ignored.

  • A UITableView with sections cannot reorder a row to the bottom of the last section unless it started in that section.

  • Applications linked on iPhone OS 3.0 or later will get the new table view cell layout.

  • It is very, very expensive to customize row heights (via tableView:heightForRowAtIndexPath:).

  • Unable to resize table wider than the screen.

  • UITableViewCell’s accessoryAction property is deprecated. Instead, implement -tableView:accessoryButtonTappedForRowWithIndexPath in your table view delegate.


  • No way to select all the text in a field if it exceeds the text field's visible area.

  • UITextField cannot be made to resign first responder once offscreen.


  • Setting UITextView.editable to YES should not automatically show the keyboard.


  • UITouch is not adjusted when a layer has a transform applied to it.

  • An application will not receive UITouchPhaseBegan if a swipe begins on or above the status bar.


  • Many UIKit controls cannot be resized properly if initialized with a CGRectZero frame.

  • animationDidEnd fires too soon and can cause animations to stutter if you do too much work in the callback.

  • If a view subclass implements -drawRect: then the background color for that view subclass cannot be animated.


  • A full-screen modal navigation controller doesn't display under the status bar in a non-full-screen window.

  • For applications linked prior to 2.2, view controllers within a navigation controller will only underlap a translucent navigation bar if their view is a scroll view. For applications linked to 2.2. or later, view controllers within a navigation controller will always have their view positioned to underlap a translucent navigation bar.

  • FIXED:If a UITabBarController has more items than can be displayed onscreen and the selected item on startup is within the More collection, changing the title of that item's view controller changes that view controller's title and the title of that item's TabBarItem. It also has the erroneous result that that item's TabBarItem is overlaid on the first TabBarItem.

  • FIXED:View controllers added to a tab bar controller don't behave correctly when hidesBottomBarWhenPushed is set to YES.

  • FIXED: When view controllers are pushed onto the stack, toolbars with their translucency changed now hide correctly.

  • FIXED: Navigation controllers now respond correctly when popping from landscape view to portrait view.


  • UIWebView does not make public its UIScrollView.