Nov 9, 2007

Fedora 8 and KNetworkManager

Yesterday when I get my new Fedora 8 installation ready I found out a very very very upsetting thing - I used KDE (as I always do) but nm-applet appears in my tray :( Unfortunately I also found that KNetworkManager is just a wrapper for nm-applet. VERY BAD news!

Here we get some official explanation:
Since knetworkmanager does not work with the version of NetworkManager available in this release, the KDE Live images use nm-applet from NetworkManager-gnome as a replacement. The gnome-keyring-daemon facility saves passwords for these encryption technologies. The knetworkmanager package in this release is a script that calls nm-applet. The knetworkmanagerpackage will be updated to provide a KDE frontend when a compatible version is available.