Mar 15, 2010

News on C++0x

There are some results from the latest C++ committee meeting in Pittsburg.

  1. The final draft was excepted and it looks like the final standard will come in 2011. ;)
  2. Export templates were thrown out of the language :( EDG - was the only who really implemented it and they proposed to remove this feature.
  3. ..EDG reports that their experience in the field has been that nearly no one actually uses the feature, and that it would be right (and okay with EDG) to deprecate or remove it...

  4. Exception specifications has been deprecated. Finally... :D Now also a new keyword "noexcept" is added. Which will remove run-time overhead of exception specifications and will let compiler to better optimize the code in compile time.

See for more details a Trip Report: March 2010 ISO C++ Standards Meeting, from THE Guru Herb Sutter.

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