Jun 11, 2010

Linus Torvalds: C++ is a horrible language. Part 2.

Long time ago Linus Torvalds has expressed himself on C++.
Today I found another posts of his on the subject.
...And I really do dislike C++. It's a really bad language, in
my opinion. It tries to solve all the wrong problems, and
does not tackle the right ones. The things C++ "solves"
are trivial things, almost purely syntactic extensions to
C rather than fixing some true deep problem...
Check the whole thing out. I find also this very interesting opinion.
I mean, just check the whole thread there out and look for Linus' posts. I think this is worth a read. Not really news but nicely expressed...


Marcel Kincaid said...

Torvalds is incompetent on this subject, as this response to his earlier rant against C++ makes clear: http://warp.povusers.org/OpenLetters/ResponseToTorvalds.html

Torvalds says C++ is just "syntactic sugar" ... but that's only true in the sense that C is syntactic sugar for assembly language, or a Turing machine. If C++ is just syntactic sugar for C, then why is the STL sort routine 20 times faster than qsort? Sure you can hand-code a type-specific qsort, or even write a generic one with heavy and awkward use of the preprocessor, but C++ provides language facilities that provide a much better, more usable solution. Which is not to say that C++ is a great language -- to see some of the ways it could have been better, take a look a D (which still has a long way to go to be commercially viable).

Anar Manafov said...

Marcel, thanks for the link. A very interesting read...