Mar 29, 2011

Amazon Cloud Drive

Anar here...

I've just learned, that Amazon has opened a cloud storage, called "Amazon Cloud Drive". According to roomers Apple also wants to do something like this. Maybe they even will make MobileMe for free or a part of the service for free. So, obviously Amazon is a bit faster on this one.

Amazone offeres 5 GB of a cloud storage for FREE to store your music, video, photos or other documents. If you buy a music track from Amazon, then your storage will be extended up to 20 GB for free for one year.
BTW, users can't store music files with the DRM, since these files can't be easily moved between devices.

If you want to have more than 5 GB of a storage space, of course there is a storage plan (see below) for that :)

Taking into account the success of Amazon's elastic cloud, I hope this project will also be useful and less expensive.

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