Jan 31, 2008

Nokia to acquire Trolltech to accelerate software strategy

A news from Trolltech:
Today, Nokia has made a public tender offer for all the shares in Trolltech. We think this is great news for both you and us. In Trolltech, we have for a long time had a vision of “Qt Everywhere”. Being acquired* by Nokia, we will continue to provide you with the most advanced cross-platform software framework for desktop and devices in the market. There will be further investments in Qt and Qtopia and an even better long-term security in your decision to choose Trolltech for your business.

Well I am not still sure whether it is gut for users or not... Let's hope it is not :)
Thanks God, KDE have an agreement with Trolltech:
In particular, should Trolltech ever discontinue making regular releases of the Qt Free Edition for any reason — including a buyout or merger of Trolltech or the liquidation of Trolltech — the Qt Free Edition will be released under the BSD license and optionally under one or more other Open Source Licenses designated by the Board of the Foundation.

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