Jan 8, 2008

Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack Beta

Recently MS has released Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack Beta.
Well, this pack actually contains two main points worth to be mentioned, namely, MFC libraries extensions and TR1 implementation from MS.

MFC got the following additions:

  • Office Ribbon style interface

  • Office 2007, Office 2003 and Office XP look and feel

  • Modern Visual Studio-style docking toolbars and panes

  • Fully customizable toolbars and menus

  • A rich set of advanced GUI controls

  • Advanced MDI tabs and groups

  • And much more!

What can I say... Pretty impressive! Sorry guys but I really thought that MFC were already dead for several years or so.
Me, and guys I know who develop software for Windows don't use MFC in anyway, why should we, when there is ATL/WTL or Qt?

Effective C++, Third Edition (Scott Meyers):
TR1 ("Technical Report 1") is a specification for new functionality being added to C++'s standard library. This functionality takes the form of new class and function templates for things like hash tables, reference-counting smart pointers, regular expressions, and more. TR1 itself is just a document. As I write this in early 2005, the document has not been finalized, and its URL is subject to change.
I can't describe it better as Scott Meyers did!

The current TR1 draft is dated 24 June 2005.
Now back to the Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack Beta and its TR1 part.
It seems to me that this implementation of TR1 is actually implementation from MS and not an extract of BOOST TR1 as I thought it could be. :) The following quote is the reason for my conclusion (see this document):

The following are known issues that are planned to be fixed in the final release
of TR1 for Visual Studio 2008:

* mem_fn() does not support member functions with non-default calling conventions.

* Nested bind() expressions do not compile.

* bind() expressions with explicit result types do not compile.

* bind() expressions involving function objects with templated function call
operators do not compile.

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